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300 pcs
Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 300Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 300
Save €50,00
500 pcs
Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 500Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 500
The Nuts Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 500
Sale price€249,95 Regular price€299,95
Save €25,00
750 pcs
Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 750Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 750
The Nuts Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 750
Sale price€374,95 Regular price€399,95
1000 pcs
Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 1000Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 1000
300 pcs
Poker Set Skyline Cash Game 300Poker Set Skyline Cash Game 300
500 pcs
Poker Set Skyline Cash Game 500Poker Set Skyline Cash Game 500
750 pcs
Poker Set Skyline Cash Game 750Poker Set Skyline Cash Game 750
1000 pcs
Poker Set Skyline Cash Game 1000Poker Set Skyline Cash Game 1000
300 pcs
Poker Set Ultimate 300Poker Set Ultimate 300
500 pcs
Poker Set Ultimate 500Poker Set Ultimate 500
750 pcs
Poker Set Ultimate 750Poker Set Ultimate 750
1000 pcs
Poker Set Ultimate 1000Poker Set Ultimate 1000
300 pcs
Poker Set Lazar Cash Game 300Poker Set Lazar Cash Game 300
Save €5,00
500 pcs
Poker Set Lazar Cash Game 500Poker Set Lazar Cash Game 500
Lazar Poker Set Lazar Cash Game 500
Sale price€169,95 Regular price€174,95
750 pcs
Poker Set Lazar Cash Game 750Poker Set Lazar Cash Game 750
1000 pcs
Poker Set Lazar Cash Game 1000Poker Set Lazar Cash Game 1000
300 pcs
Poker Set WSOP Ace High 300Poker Set WSOP Ace High 300
500 pcs
Poker Set WSOP Ace High 500Poker Set WSOP Ace High 500
Save €50,00
750 pcs
Poker Set WSOP Ace High 750Poker Set WSOP Ace High 750
WSOP Poker Set WSOP Ace High 750
Sale price€649,95 Regular price€699,95
1000 pcs
Poker Set WSOP Ace High 1000Poker Set WSOP Ace High 1000

Chips for poker

Are you looking for the perfect chips for poker? At Poker Merchant we have the largest chips for poker assortment of the world. Choose between 100+ poker chip series ranging from plastic, clay, clay composite and ceramic poker chips, cash game and tournament poker sets. Create your own chips for poker distribution by choosing the amount of poker chips of each denom you would like to have. Not sure what chips for chips you prefer the most? No problem, it is also possible to purchase samples on our webshop to look and feel the poker chips before purchasing an entire poker set. Our customer service is happy to help you choosing the chips for poker you would like to have or give to your loved one, friends and/or family. 

Largest assortment chips for poker

Are you looking for a high-quality chips for poker set for your next poker game? Our chips sets are made from premium materials and are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any budget and preference. Whether you're a casual player or a serious pro, our chips sets are the perfect addition to any game night. 

Poker Sets

Our top-quality poker sets are everything you need. Take your poker games to the next level. Our poker sets feature a unique, professional and stylish design. The poker sets come with high quality chips for poker, durable playing cards, a premium dealer button, and durable poker case to keep your poker set organized and protected. With various chip denominations and quantities available, our poker sets can accommodate any type of game, from cash games to serious tournaments. 

Personalized poker set

Are you looking for the perfect poker set? At Poker Merchant we offer the possibility to choose the distribution you would like to have. Choose the denoms of the poker chips you like and decide how many you would like to have of each denom. We will pack the poker chips based on your poker chip distribution. At Poker Merchant we have the largest assortment of poker chips with the possibility to choose between different plastic, clay, clay composite and ceramic poker chips. Are you looking to create something truly unique? Create your own custom poker chips, poker plaques or dealer buttons using our online tool.

Ceramic poker chips

Ceramic is a popular choice of material in poker products, it is light weighted and gives a comfortable grip during the poker game. This material is very good to customize because the design is printed on the chip. So if you like to have custom chip design we give you the opportunity to use the tool and unleash your creativity. It is also a more hygienic material because it’s easier to clean or disinfect. The reason why ceramic is having a high durability rate is because they have a more eco-friendly process making them, they use recycled materials to produce the ceramic poker chips.   

Clay poker chips

Clay is a very common material used in poker chips. Clay Poker Chips are durable on multiple surfaces for example on the long lasting lifespan. The weight and texture of the chip material are a bit different than other materials, they are a bit heavier than ceramic poker chips but still are perfect to use during poker games.

A lot of players really love the sound of stacking and shuffling with the clay poker chips, which gives a great addition to your poker games. Curious how the clay poker chips feel during a poker game? don’t wait any longer and choose a cool Clay Poker Chips design made of high quality clay material.

WSOP chips

The WSOP chips are probably the most famous poker chips in the world. The designs are a real masterpiece to see and play with. The chips are made of ceramic material and weigh 10 grams, have a 39,3 millimeter diameter and are 3,3mm thick.

WSOP is an abbreviation of world series of poker, the biggest poker event in the world. These chips are the perfect option for beginners and professional poker players because of the various denominations on the chips. The chips are available in sets of 300, 500, 750 and 1000 chips including cases and of course also as single poker chips. Also in the cash-game and tournament variant.

The denominations start at 0,25 and finish at 100.000 and all have a unique colorful design, the series you can find on our webshop is the ‘’ace high’’ edition. So if you’re searching for poker chips with high durability then the WSOP chips are a perfect option.

Do you like the design or material but want to change some small details on the chip? Then it is possible to create it with the custom poker chip tool or contact us which changes you would like to make.

Paulson poker chips

Paulson is known as one of the world's most famous producers of poker chips. Their iconic Paulson Poker Chips are made in the USA. The company was founded in 1905 and has received recognition for their famous Paulson Poker Chips.

These famous Paulson Poker Chips are made from a secret recipe Clay Composite material, ensuring the best durability and the recognizable clinking sound that poker enthusiasts adore. What sets these chips apart is their possibility to be customized, making the Paulson Poker Chips a perfect choice for casinos.

However, it's important to note that nowadays, Paulson Poker Chips are exclusively available to casinos within the United States. Unfortunately, if you're a casino located outside of the United States, purchasing authentic Paulson Poker Chips is not possible.

At Poker Merchant we offer an alternative option for people who are looking for Paulson Poker Chips. For USA poker chips we proudly provide official Apache Poker Chips and Brybelly Poker Chips, giving clients all over the world access to high-quality, American-made poker chips.

Apache poker chips

In the large collection of poker chips offered by Poker Merchant, you'll find the Majestic Poker Chips. These poker chips are a proud work of the Apache Poker Chips lineup. These chips are manufactured in the USA and are created through collaboration with a team of dedicated poker enthusiasts. The design and production of these chips took several months due to the selection of colors and crafting a design that would ensure that these apache poker chips stand out on every poker game. 

Monte Carlo poker chips

One of the most recognizable and famous poker chips is undoubtedly the Monte Carlo Poker Chips. These iconic sticker poker chips are made from high quality Clay Composite material. The Monte Carlo Poker Chips can be found in tournaments and (private) poker rooms all around the world. The name of these poker chips comes from the prestigious Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco which will give extra luxury to your poker game.

The Monte Carlo Chips are also associated with the James Bond movies. Just like the "Nuts Poker Chips" who are featured in the movie "Casino Royale," the Monte Carlo Poker Chips are often associated with James Bond films. This makes these casino royale poker chips a great conversation starter at the poker table.

Casino chips

When you imagine a casino the casino chips are most likely the first thing that comes to mind. The large stacks of chips in a casino are iconic symbols of big wins associated with gambling. At Poker Merchant, we proudly produce the best casino chips in lower quantities and in bulk. It is also possible to create your own personalized casino chips.

Custom casino chips

At Poker Merchant, we have a team of dedicated designers committed to creating the most unique and secure designs for casinos. Our custom casino chips, weighing 10 grams and crafted from ceramic, can be custom made to your exact specifications. Besides the ceramic casino chips we have a possibility for clay casino chips as well.

For casinos, we offer the option to add security features. If you require more information about these custom made poker chips, design choices, poker chip sizes or security features, we advise you to reach out to us for more information.

Custom poker chips

Always wanted to create your own custom poker chips? then take a look at our custom poker chips tool. just wanting to have your initials on the chip or complete unique designs with logos or pictures, everything is possible with the tool. Whether you want to create chip designs based on the nevada jack poker chips, bicycle poker chips, harley poker chips, vintage poker chips, antique poker chips or the world poker tour chips. It is all possible using the most advanced custom poker chips tool in the world.

It is possible to make a design that’s printed on both sides but also having a different design on the side of the chips. The custom poker chips tool is not only for poker games only, for example if you want to use a poker chip as a company gift or for receiving reviews you can make a qr-code design. The ability to create your own design gives an extra amount of excitement during your poker games or for other purposes.

Texas holdem poker set

Introducing the ultimate Texas Holdem Poker Set, perfect for any avid poker player! These comprehensive poker set includes everything you need to host a thrilling Texas Holdem game night with friends and family. Whether you're a seasoned poker pro or just starting out, this Texas Holdem Poker Sets are perfect for players of all levels. It's ideal for home games, parties, or even as a gift for the poker enthusiast in your life.

Luxury Poker Set

Our Luxury Poker Sets are the perfect choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life. These poker sets features high-quality, premium-grade poker chips made from exquisite materials, such as clay, for an unparalleled weight and feel. The poker sets also includes high-quality playing cards and a deluxe dealer button, all packaged in a beautifully designed poker case. The Luxury Poker Sets are perfect for both casual players and serious competitors, providing an authentic and luxurious poker experience. With a range of chip denominations and quantities to choose from, you can customize the game to your preference. Elevate your game night experience with our exquisite Luxury Poker Sets.

Professional Poker Set

Are you a serious poker player looking for a professional-grade poker set that will enhance your game experience? Look no further than our top-of-the-line Professional Poker Sets. These sets features high-quality poker chips, made from premium materials for optimal weight and feel, as well as durable playing cards and a deluxe dealer button. These Poker Sets comes in a sleek and sturdy carrying case for easy transport and storage. With a variety of chip denominations and quantities available, the Professional Poker Sets are perfect for hosting tournaments or playing cash games with friends. Impress your fellow players with the authenticity and quality of our top-of-the-line Professional Poker Sets.

Beginner Poker Set

Are you new to the game of poker and looking for a beginner-friendly poker set? Our Beginner Poker Sets are the perfect choice for those who are just starting out. These poker sets features lightweight poker chips that are easy to handle, as well as high-quality playing cards and a basic dealer button. These poker sets come in a compact and durable carrying poker case for easy storage and transport. With a variety of poker chip denominations and quantities available, the Beginner Poker Sets are perfect for learning the basics of the game and practicing your skills with friends and family. Don't let your lack of experience hold you back.

Play poker professionally

Playing poker professionally is a challenging and rewarding career path pursued by those with a deep passion for the game and a desire to test their skills at the highest level. It's a journey that combines a lot of strategy and practice. Using good poker products is essential. 

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