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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
Poker Mat Luxury Green 200x100Poker Mat Luxury Green 200x100
Poker Mat Crown Black 180x90Poker Mat Crown Black 180x90
Poker Mat Crown Green 180x90Poker Mat Crown Green 180x90
Poker Mat Deluxe Black 180x90Poker Mat Deluxe Black 180x90
Poker Mat Las Vegas Green 180x90Poker Mat Las Vegas Green 180x90
Poker Mat Las Vegas Purple 180x90Poker Mat Las Vegas Purple 180x90
Poker Mat Las Vegas Red 180x90Poker Mat Las Vegas Red 180x90
Poker Mat Royal Green Oval 180x90Poker Mat Royal Green Oval 180x90
Poker Mat Standard Black 180x90Poker Mat Standard Black 180x90
Poker Mat Standard Blue 180x90Poker Mat Standard Blue 180x90
Poker Mat Standard Green 180x90Poker Mat Standard Green 180x90
Poker Mat Standard Red 180x90Poker Mat Standard Red 180x90
Poker Mat Table Top Green 180x90Poker Mat Table Top Green 180x90
Poker Mat Texas Green 180X90Poker Mat Texas Green 180X90
Poker Mat Texas Green 200X100Poker Mat Texas Green 200X100

Poker Mats at Poker Merchant

The poker mats are a specialized playing surface designed for use during poker. Typically made of high-quality felt or rubber, the mat provides a smooth and level surface for shuffling and dealing cards, as well as protecting your table from scratches and scuffs. Poker mats come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors.

Poker Table Mat

The Poker Table Mat features a colorful playing surface with markings for popular games such as Texas Holdem. The markings help to ensure that each player knows where to place their cards and chips, creating a more professional and organized playing environment. The poker table mat is also designed to fit most standard-sized tables, with non-slip backing to keep it securely in place during gameplay.

Round Poker Mat

The perfect addition to any poker enthusiast's collection! Made from high-quality felt material, this round poker mat provides a smooth and durable surface for playing all your favorite poker games. The round shape creates a more intimate and social atmosphere, allowing for up to 6 players to comfortably gather around the table.

Poker Mat with a carrying bag

A handy carrying bag is always included with Poker Merchant's poker mats. This way the poker mats can easily be taken to home games outside the house. The size of the mats varies. Most mats are 180 centimeters long and 90 centimeters wide. The smallest Poker Mat in the range is 140 centimeters long and 60 centimeters wide. With this size the poker mats are suitable for up to 8-10 people. The design and colour of the Poker Mat is also very important for many poker players. For this reason, there is a choice of 3 different basic colors: red, green and blue. The patterns within the poker mats differ from Poker Mat.

Poker Mat as an alternative for a Poker Table

Poker carpets are the alternative to a Poker Mat. In some cases, a poker rug is included in a Poker Set. In most cases, poker rugs are made of fabric and have a green colour. Unlike Poker Mat , a poker mat is not water resistant and can only be folded. 

Looking for a suitable Poker Mat?

Check out our luxury range in poker mats. Choose your favorite colour, design and size from the range. Give every poker game some extra luxury and experience unforgettable moments. A professional and luxurious Poker Mat is difficult to find in most cases. Within Europe, only a few poker mats are offered. In most cases, only the well-known cheaper poker rug is offered. In contrast to a poker rug, a Poker Mat does not get dirty quickly.

Because of the moisture absorbing layer on top of the Poker Mat , liquids and food residues can easily be wiped off. Furthermore, the fabric top of a Poker Mat ensures that cards slides easily over it and the luxurious premium feel of a poker table is equalled.

When you buy a Poker Mat from Poker Merchant it always comes with a high quality carrying bag. With this bag you can easily take your rolled up rubber Poker Mat with you. The Poker Mat is in most cases 180 centimeters long and 90 centimeters wide. This allows the Poker Mat to cover the entire dining table.

Ready for unforgettable moments and a lifetime of fun? Then choose your favorite Poker Mat from the range above. Poker Merchant is the web shop for buying a luxurious and professional Poker Mat.

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