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Showing 1 - 24 of 39 products
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Poker Plaques Case Set Diamond 40 pcsPoker Plaques Case Set Diamond 40 pcs
10 pcs
Poker Plaques Set Diamond 10 pcsPoker Plaques Set Diamond 10 pcs
30 pcs
Poker Plaques Set Diamond 30 pcsPoker Plaques Set Diamond 30 pcs
50 pcs
Poker Plaques Set Diamond 50 pcsPoker Plaques Set Diamond 50 pcs
100 pcs
Poker Plaques Set Diamond 100 pcsPoker Plaques Set Diamond 100 pcs
Poker Plaque Diamond BountyPoker Plaque Diamond Bounty
Poker Plaque Diamond 2Poker Plaque Diamond 2
Poker Plaque Diamond 5Poker Plaque Diamond 5
Poker Plaque Diamond 10Poker Plaque Diamond 10
Poker Plaque Diamond 50Poker Plaque Diamond 50
Poker Plaque Diamond 100Poker Plaque Diamond 100
Poker Plaque Diamond 200Poker Plaque Diamond 200
Poker Plaque Diamond 500Poker Plaque Diamond 500
Poker Plaque Diamond 1000Poker Plaque Diamond 1000
Poker Plaque Diamond 5000Poker Plaque Diamond 5000
Poker Plaque Diamond 10.000Poker Plaque Diamond 10.000
Poker Plaque Diamond 50.000Poker Plaque Diamond 50.000
Poker Plaque Diamond 100.000Poker Plaque Diamond 100.000
Poker Plaque Diamond 500.000Poker Plaque Diamond 500.000
Custom Poker PlaquesCustom Poker Plaques
Poker Plaque Highroller 100Poker Plaque Highroller 100
Poker Plaque Highroller 200Poker Plaque Highroller 200

Plaques Poker at Poker Merchant

Poker Plaques are also known as poker chip plaques. They are used most of the time in high-stakes poker games as a high amount of cash inlay. So when raising a high amount it's easier to use a plaque then a lot of poker chips. The most common materials that are crafted for poker plaques are ceramic and acrylic materials. The plaques themselves have unique designs with different denominations.

Poker Chip Plaques

Poker chip plaques are very popular in poker games. Even in casinos and private nights, because they are an efficient way to raise a bet during the game. Casino plaques are prized symbols of prestige and luxury, even collectors eagerly seek the unique designs out.

Poker Plaques Set

A poker plaque set is a complete set of rectangular poker plaques with different denominations, optionally delivered with an aluminum case to keep them in the best condition. High-quality materials such as ceramic, clay-composite and acrylic are most commonly used for the plaques. Because of the bigger size of the plaques it is easier to count the bet then with poker chips.

Casino Royale Poker Plaques

Casino royale poker plaques are also famously featured in the movie ‘’Casino Royale‘’. They are expertly designed to make it more efficient to count during high stakes poker games. The plaques are very suitable for professional games but also during a friendly home game with friends.

Custom Poker Plaques

At Poker Merchant we understand how unique it is to create your own design or personalization. So we give you the opportunity to unleash your creative mind on the custom tool. With our innovative custom tool you can create your own unique poker designs, even with the opportunity to upload your own images as well. An option we also offer is to have a different design on each side, which gives you the option to be extra creative! cool right? Our custom tool is usable for just a simple text, color and denomination but also for a very professional design with logos etc. The material we use for our custom poker plaques is high-quality ceramic. Experience the freedom yourself with our innovative custom tool to make your poker games truly exceptional and unique!

Plaque Chips

Always wanted to have bigger poker chips, then the plaque chips are exactly what you need. These stylish gaming tokens are bigger than the regular poker chips and very well used for high stakes cash games. Whether you’re hosting a private poker night or enjoying the ambiance in a casino these chips are an effective solution to raise a bet. The chips are available in 43mm or 46mm which is clearly bigger than the regular 40mm chips. Having the option to customize your chips makes your poker games truly one-of-a-kind!

Ceramic Poker Plaques

At Poker Merchant we have multiple ceramic poker plaques. Our latest design is the skyline series, which is very popular. The plaques are a perfect combination with the skyline chips, which is optional in cash-game and tournament. Want to have a fully equipped poker set, then these ceramic poker plaques can’t be missed. Elevate your poker nights to a higher level with these high-quality ceramic poker plaques.

Plaque Diamond

Explore the Diamond plaques series, designed by our own development team to elevate your poker experiences. These unique plaques are featured with a bright design and a glittering gold edge around the denomination. The ideal part of this design is that they complement all styles of poker chips, even the one you already have!. The material we used is clay-composite. Bring some extra luxury to the table during your poker games and make sure these plaques are included in your poker set.

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