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Showing 1 - 24 of 128 products
300 pcs
Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 300Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 300
Save $55.24
500 pcs
Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 500Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 500
The Nuts Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 500
Sale price$276.15 Regular price$331.39
Save $27.62
750 pcs
Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 750Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 750
The Nuts Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 750
Sale price$414.26 Regular price$441.88
1000 pcs
Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 1000Poker Set The Nuts Cash Game 1000
300 pcs
Poker Set Ultimate 300Poker Set Ultimate 300
500 pcs
Poker Set Ultimate 500Poker Set Ultimate 500
750 pcs
Poker Set Ultimate 750Poker Set Ultimate 750
1000 pcs
Poker Set Ultimate 1000Poker Set Ultimate 1000
300 pcs
Poker Set WSOP Ace High 300Poker Set WSOP Ace High 300
500 pcs
Poker Set WSOP Ace High 500Poker Set WSOP Ace High 500
Save $55.24
750 pcs
Poker Set WSOP Ace High 750Poker Set WSOP Ace High 750
WSOP Poker Set WSOP Ace High 750
Sale price$718.09 Regular price$773.33
1000 pcs
Poker Set WSOP Ace High 1000Poker Set WSOP Ace High 1000
300 pcs
Poker Set Vegas Nevada 300Poker Set Vegas Nevada 300
500 pcs
Poker Set Vegas Nevada 500Poker Set Vegas Nevada 500
750 pcs
Poker Set Vegas Nevada 750Poker Set Vegas Nevada 750
1000 pcs
Poker Set Vegas Nevada 1000Poker Set Vegas Nevada 1000

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Poker Sets

As you are here, we understand you are indeed a poker enthusiast, and we would love to take you on a journey exploring the world of Poker Sets. Here, we will focus on everything you must know about poker sets. They include their rich history, standardization, different types, colors, denominations, materials used, etc. We will also throw light on the benefits of buying Poker Sets, poker set up and highlight a few other frequently asked questions by most poker lovers.

Poker Set: All You Need to Know

While planning to host a poker game night at home or your beach guest house, you must have a Poker Set to kick-start your game. Whether it be your favorite Texas Hold'em poker, 7-card Stud, or Chinese poker game you intend to play, don't hesitate to shop for a premium poker set from a credible store.

So, what exactly are these poker chips?

Poker chips are disk-shaped items that stand for money in poker. In short, they are currencies in the world of poker that help you engage in poker.

Poker sets have been in use for several years. Initially, people used engraved bones and clays while playing poker. However, there were many discrepancies happening, and due to this, in the 1800s, there came a standardization of poker chips. Nowadays, the modern poker game sets you can buy mostly have chips designed and made from clay. They are created carefully to avoid any form of fraudulent practices. There are several casinos that even opt for embedding gambling markers in their chips. It is a way through which casinos try to prevent all forms of copying. It helps them to bring authenticity to their poker sets.

Poker Sets act as weapons for a poker game. However, remember that the poker chips values are not fixed and would change based on the casino, type of game, and even location. Nonetheless, the poker set used in the US and Europe is quite similar. Both of them use multi-colored chips for their poker games.

Mainly, there are two types of poker games- tournaments and cash games. In a cash game, the value of the poker chips will be the same as the cash you pay to get them. For instance, if you pay twenty euros, you will get poker chips worth the same value. However, it is different for poker chips used for tournaments and even home games.

Even though there is a difference in the poker chips value, the colors used in most poker games are similar. The colors you can find in your poker set include white, yellow, pink, red, blue, grey, green, orange, black, purple, light blue, and brown. Here, poker chips in white, yellow, red, and pink often have a lower denomination. For instance, white poker chips stand for one dollar in a Texas Hold'em poker set, and it is twenty-five in cash games in Los Angeles.

Now, coming to the material of Poker Sets, you can find them in plastic, which is the cheapest option, but it isn't the best poker set material. While speaking of the best poker set material that can offer you a premium and luxurious feel is the chipsets made from composite clay. They are durable and stylish. By the way, you can shop for composite clay chips and other premium Poker Sets from Poker Merchant at very affordable prices.

Another option is composite, where the chips have a solid feel. Ceramic Poker Sets are also available. They are smooth and offer you customization. Through this, you can get a personalized poker set.

You can find Poker Sets made from metal. However, these luxury poker sets are rare and expensive. However, they are durable and will last for several years.

By keeping these things in mind, why not shop for Poker Sets from a premium and exclusive store like Poker Merchant?

So, waste no more time hitting the buy now button for your favorite Poker Sets!

Benefits of buying a Poker Set

Well, there are different benefits to purchasing Poker Sets. So, wasting no time, let's have a look at them in detail to help you buy poker chips online.

  • Playing Poker from the Comfort of Your Home

Engaging in poker from a casino can offer you an amazing experience. But it might not be possible for you to drive down to a casino to play poker. Most times, you would like to play poker with your family or friends from the comfort of your home. For that purpose, you need to shop for a poker game set. Through this, you can play poker with your friends or family anytime and even host a poker game night. It can be an excellent way to spend time with your loved ones while having fun.

  • Opt for Custom Poker Chip or personalized poker set

While shopping for Poker Sets from a platform like Poker Merchant, you can get your hands on customization. Here, you can buy poker sets of different colors and varieties. You can also customize your sets based on your preferences. Doing so won't have to shop for a chipset that doesn't interest you.

For instance, consider you plan on buying a poker set of 500 chips from Poker Merchant. You can decide on the distribution of the poker chips, meaning that you can choose the number of chips that you need in each denomination. They are available from one to ten thousand at Poker Merchant.

Apart from that, you can add a dealer button, an all-in button, free poker cards, and a poker case while buying a poker set 500 chips or others. When it comes to poker cases, you can opt for silver aluminum, gold aluminum, or black aluminum. In addition, you can get a poker mat if you don't have one. You can take your poker gaming experience to the next level. So, why not buy pro poker set online?

  • Cost-effective Alternative

Investing in a durable Poker Set is a great way to save money. Through this, you can get hold of high-quality and premium poker chips that you can use for engaging in different poker games. It is an excellent money saver as these poker chips will last for several years, and you can use them whenever required to play poker. They are much better than visiting a casino now and then to play poker.

For instance, if you plan on a fun poker game night at home with your family, you can enjoy the experience to the fullest without splurging a lot of money.

Where to buy a poker set?

Similar to purchasing any item, you can buy Poker Sets from a traditional store or an online platform. But nowadays, hunting down an offline poker chips store can be challenging. Therefore, it is best to opt for an online platform like Poker Merchant, where you can shop for poker game sets at reasonable and affordable prices. While shopping for a Poker Set, look into different factors. They include:

  1. Ensure that the Poker Set offers you the option for personalization. This is because personalized poker sets are much better, as you can choose the distribution of poker chips based on your preference.
  2. Look into the shipping options provided by the seller. You also have to consider the shipping costs, delivery time, return policies, etc. While shopping for a poker game set from Poker Merchant, you can get a lifetime warranty, and your Poker Set will get delivered to you in three working days.
  3. Don't forget to check on the credibility of the platform. You can learn more about this information from customer reviews and other feedback. When it comes to the Poker Merchant, it has the largest range of Poker Sets in Europe, with a customer score of 9.2 out of ten. So, why not buy poker chips online?

How many Poker Chips come in a poker set?

It depends upon the type of Poker Set you choose. However, a standard Poker Set has three hundred chips. Apart from this, you can find Poker Sets with 500, 750, and 1000 chips. You can shop for these Poker Sets from Poker Merchant to get the best deals.

What store sells poker sets?

There are different eCommerce stores selling poker chips. But, it is always best for you to shop for Poker Sets from platforms that focus on selling poker-related items. It is because they can offer you the best quality products with luxury poker sets. By the way, you can discover the best poker sets suitable for your needs from the Poker Merchant.

So, hesitate no more and shop for Poker Sets from us!

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