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Showing 1 - 24 of 28 products
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Poker Plaques Case Set Diamond 40 pcsPoker Plaques Case Set Diamond 40 pcs
Diamond Poker Plaques Case Set Diamond 40 pcs
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100 pcs
Poker Plaques Case Set Diamond 100 pcsPoker Plaques Case Set Diamond 100 pcs
Diamond Poker Plaques Case Set Diamond 100 pcs
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Poker Plaques Case Set Diamond 300 pcsPoker Plaques Case Set Diamond 300 pcs
Diamond Poker Plaques Case Set Diamond 300 pcs
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10 pcs
Poker Plaques Set Diamond 10 pcsPoker Plaques Set Diamond 10 pcs
Diamond Poker Plaques Set Diamond 10 pcs
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Poker Plaques Set Diamond 30 pcsPoker Plaques Set Diamond 30 pcs
Diamond Poker Plaques Set Diamond 30 pcs
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Poker Plaques Set Diamond 50 pcsPoker Plaques Set Diamond 50 pcs
Diamond Poker Plaques Set Diamond 50 pcs
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100 pcs
Poker Plaques Set Diamond 100 pcsPoker Plaques Set Diamond 100 pcs
Diamond Poker Plaques Set Diamond 100 pcs
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Poker Plaque Diamond BountyPoker Plaque Diamond Bounty
Poker Plaque Diamond 2Poker Plaque Diamond 2
Poker Plaque Diamond 5Poker Plaque Diamond 5
Poker Plaque Diamond 10Poker Plaque Diamond 10
Poker Plaque Diamond 50Poker Plaque Diamond 50
Poker Plaque Diamond 100Poker Plaque Diamond 100
Poker Plaque Diamond 200Poker Plaque Diamond 200
Poker Plaque Diamond 500Poker Plaque Diamond 500
Poker Plaque Diamond 1000Poker Plaque Diamond 1000
Poker Plaque Diamond 5000Poker Plaque Diamond 5000
Poker Plaque Diamond 10.000Poker Plaque Diamond 10.000
Poker Plaque Diamond 50.000Poker Plaque Diamond 50.000
Poker Plaque Diamond 100.000Poker Plaque Diamond 100.000
Poker Plaque Diamond 500.000Poker Plaque Diamond 500.000
Poker Plaque Highroller 100Poker Plaque Highroller 100
Poker Plaque Highroller 200Poker Plaque Highroller 200
Poker Plaque Highroller 500Poker Plaque Highroller 500

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Poker Plaques

When we play poker, we often lose track of time and money. When there are many re-buys, poker chips alone may not be enough, which is why poker plaques were developed. Poker is fun, especially if you know what you are doing and know the values of the chips and plaques. It can have nasty consequences if you throw the wrong chip or plaque on the table, when the value is not known. Let's start with some explanation about these poker plaques.

What are Poker Plaques?

Of course, you know the round, colorful Poker Chips when playing poker. But have you ever seen the rectangular plates used during high stakes cash games and luxury poker games? Although the color resembles poker chips, the rectangular shape gives them a unique but similar meaning in the game.

Poker plaques are the rectangular chips often used in casinos when the stakes are relatively higher than normal. Simply put, plaques indicate a higher value than Poker Chips and are more important in high-stakes cash games.

Poker Plaques vs Poker Chips

Casinos do not tend to use chips for really big denominations - at least not in poker. They usually use plaques instead and these are large rectangular ''chips'' with their own serial numbers that have other measures against fraud, such as the material of Ceramics or porcelain, so that nobody can change their value. The poker plaque is ideal for taking your home game to the next level if you buy some high-end casino plaques.

What are Poker Plaques used for?

Well, it's pretty obvious why a casino prefers plaque over chips. You may not have come across poker plaques yet if you play with a simple poker set at home. But almost all casinos in the world use poker plaques, each of them has something unique with their poker plaques. These poker plaques represent higher values that are often missing from the value print of standard chips. 

Poker Plaque Colors

The rectangular chips are not always the same colour. Just like poker chips, they are available in different colors which also indicate different values.
These are the (original) colors of the plaques along with the monetary value that it indicates:

Black: 100
Purple: 500
Yellow: 1000
Orange: 2500
Pink: 5000
Blue: 10,000
White: 25,000
Grey: 50,000
Red: 100,000

The colours and values may vary depending on the plaques. Based on personal preferences, you can choose to change the different numbers on the plaques. 

Blank Poker Plaques

The blank poker plaques are often used for the games when you want to determine the values of the chips yourself. However, it is also possible to have them custom made and determine this in advance.
Value marked poker plaques
These already have the value marked in the plaque. You will often see this type of poker plaques when playing in the casino or luxury cash games. They already retain a certain value to avoid confusion and ambiguity.

The €100, €200, values engraved on the plaques are the values everyone has to follow. The point is that in this case you have no say; you will have to follow the rules and values of the plaques. 

Ceramic Poker Plaques

Who doesn't love the unique sound that plaques make when they are stacked on top of each other? Well, that's what mainly Ceramics and clay plaques give you. They have a certain standard sound, which makes the poker table even more attractive and enjoyable.

These poker plaques are among the most attractive to look at and have a classic look. The clay plates are the ones that will give you that old school feel at the poker table. Both have both the weight and the perfect material to make your poker game world class.

Custom Poker Plaques

Are you someone who prefers to keep his design in his own hands? Well, then you are in luck at Poker Merchant. You may already know that you can customize your poker chips with us; therefore, you can do the same with poker plaques. You can choose anything you want to print on your own poker plaques. This gives you the freedom to choose and design your own plaques according to your personal preferences. This allows you to dress up the poker table fantastically. Most casinos customize their poker plaques according to their logo or a symbol. So you can do the same and make your own poker plaque set, but don't forget to make the same design for the whole collection and match them. 

It is entirely up to you to choose chips or plaques, but standard value plaques are unmatchable, and all casinos also prefer them over chips. However, if you are playing a cash game with low stakes, poker chips might be more suitable. On the other hand, cash games with higher stakes always call for the plaques, giving the poker table a classic, luxurious and professional touch. 

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