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Showing 1 - 24 of 120 products
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Poker Chips Set Lazar Cash Game 300Poker Chips Set Lazar Cash Game 300
500 pcs
Poker Chips Set Lazar Cash Game 500Poker Chips Set Lazar Cash Game 500
750 pcs
Poker Chips Set Lazar Cash Game 750Poker Chips Set Lazar Cash Game 750
1000 pcs
Poker Chips Set Lazar Cash Game 1000Poker Chips Set Lazar Cash Game 1000
Save $22.10
500 pcs
Poker Chips Set Ceramic Crown 500Poker Chips Set Ceramic Crown 500
Ceramic Crown Poker Chips Set Ceramic Crown 500
Sale price$359.12 Regular price$381.22
Save $44.21
1000 pcs
Poker Chips Set Ceramic Crown 1000Poker Chips Set Ceramic Crown 1000
Ceramics Crown Poker Chips Set Ceramic Crown 1000
Sale price$718.29 Regular price$762.50
Save $22.10
500 pcs
Poker Chips Set Gambler Palace 500Poker Chips Set Gambler Palace 500
Gambler Palace Poker Chips Set Gambler Palace 500
Sale price$359.12 Regular price$381.22
Save $44.21
1000 pcs
Poker Chips Set Gambler Palace 1000Poker Chips Set Gambler Palace 1000
Gambler Palace Poker Chips Set Gambler Palace 1000
Sale price$718.29 Regular price$762.50
300 pcs
Poker Chips Set Monte Carlo 300Poker Chips Set Monte Carlo 300
1000 pcs
Poker Chips Set Monte Carlo 500Poker Chips Set Monte Carlo 500
750 pcs
Poker Chips Set Monte Carlo 750Poker Chips Set Monte Carlo 750

More information about Poker Chips - Poker Merchant

At Poker Merchant, you can find gamble chips that will come in handy while engaging in a fun-filled game with your friends, family, or colleagues.

So, why don't we take you on a journey that will benefit you the most in identifying casino poker chips that can turn around the world of Poker for you in no time?

Which Poker Chips are The Best?

As you plan to shop for poker chips, knowing about the different poker chips available in a poker shop can be a game changer. You can shop them based on the type of poker game and casinos and even opt for personalized poker chips. Understanding that, we will be exploring various professional poker chips now.

Through this, you can pick your poker chips with convenience. Let's cut to the chase and get right into the details.

  • Texas Hold'em Poker Set

Texas Hold'em is one of the best poker games to play at home with your family, friends, or colleagues. It is a much-loved form of entertainment in many homes.

In this poker chip set, you can find five denominations. Besides, they are in white, red, green, black, blue, and purple colors.

Coming to poker chip value in Texas Hold'em, white has the lowest, and purple has the highest value. By the way, there is no strict rule asking players to follow these guidelines. You always have the flexibility to make slight modifications while engaging in the game. However, it is beneficial to have 50 chips for each player in a Texas Hold'em game.

  • Casino Royale Poker Chips

These Casino Royale poker chips are budget-friendly, and you can shop for these classy chips from Poker Merchant for a highly reasonable price. These chips weigh around 13.4 grams, which is something to consider while purchasing these ultimate poker chips or professional poker chips.

Anyway, if you are wondering how these chips gained popularity, we have the answer for you.

These chips gained extreme popularity after the movie Casino Royale, starring James Bond, hit theaters, and became a much-beloved movie for many people.

  • Paulson Poker Chips

Paulson poker chips are true casino-grade chips that work well, especially for a professional game. Casinos, including MGM, Los Angeles Casino, Caesar's Palace, and several others, use Paulson's poker chips.

However, if you wish to upscale your poker set, you can consider shopping for these high-quality poker chips. You can shop for these chips made from clay, plastic, or ceramic poker chips based on your preference. By the way, you can find these unique poker chips at Poker Merchant.

So, why not kick-start your shopping?

  • Apache Poker Chips

These Apache poker chips come with a rounded edge. They are distinct from the other poker chips we have discussed so far. Another uniqueness of these poker chips that would make them the favorite of every poker lover is that they have a sticker at the center instead of the pressed center.

Anyhow, if you are searching for an affordable and reasonably priced poker chip set, this is the one for you.

  • Monte Carlo Poker Chips

These poker chips are available in three clay colors, making them unique. Although they are available in three different clay colors, you can find them in ten denominations, which makes engaging in poker with these chips much more fun.

Unlike other poker chips, you can read the denominations on these poker chips easily because of their design.

So, why not shop for these poker chips and add them to your collection?

  • EPT Poker Chips

EPT poker chip sets are the other famous poker chips you can consider one of the best to purchase. These chips can enhance your poker gaming experience. You can explore some of the best-in-class EPT poker chips from Poker Merchant.

So, why not start shopping now?

To cut a long story short, these are some of the best poker chips you can find in Europe and elsewhere. By the way, you can shop for these stylish and classy poker chips at a highly reasonable and affordable price from Poker Merchant.

So, why don't we waste our time and get the shopping cart moving?

Which Poker Chips to Buy?

There are countless options for poker chips you can buy.

However, you must consider a few things before adding a poker chip set to your cart. We will walk you through these details, which can aid you in making the correct decision on which poker chips to buy.

So, why don't we explore the same?

  • Focus on the Material

Poker chips are available in different materials, and you can choose them based on your requirement and budget. Here, plastic, ceramic, and clay are the most common materials. Apart from these materials, there are other premium poker chips made from high-end materials like metals.

  • Prioritize the Platform You Choose

Gone are the days of visiting a traditional poker store to shop for classic poker chips. You can now buy them online from the comfort of your home. While doing so, you have to shop from trustworthy and credible platforms like Poker Merchant. From here, you can get hold of the best deals and the best products.

  • Keep in Mind the Type of Poker Game You Want to Play

There are different types of poker games, including cash games and tournaments. Based on this, you have to shop for your poker chips. For instance, if you wish to play a cash game, you will have to purchase cash game poker chips.

  • Consider the Poker Chips Value

Poker chips come in different values or denominations. So, considering this closely while shopping for poker chips can be an integral step in getting hold of the best poker chips.

In a nutshell, by considering these factors, you can find the best poker chips to purchase.

So, why not move forward by keeping these elements in mind to buy poker chips?

How are Poker Chips Made?

The process involved in making poker chips is something that would strike the interest of a poker enthusiast like you.

Well, we hear you and have answers that can benefit you throughout your journey as a poker lover.

So, why don't we dive into the different materials used for making poker chips?

  • Plastic

Poker chips made from plastic are one of the cheapest options for WSOP chips when you buy poker chips.

  • Composite Clay

This is yet another material you can consider as it can offer you a premium and luxurious feel. You can find poker chips made from this material at Poker Merchant.

  • Composite

Poker chips from composite can offer you a solid feel.

  • Ceramics

These chips are best-suitable for customization. If you wish to have personalized poker chips, it is best to consider ceramic as your go-to material.

  • Metal

If you want to have rare and luxurious poker chips, this is the material you have to opt for your poker chips.

Thus, these are the different materials for creating the perfect poker chips you love. Well, which is your favorite?

By the way, you can shop for composite clay poker chips and other premium quality poker chips from Poker Merchant.

So, why not browse through our poker store to discover the poker chips you would love?

What Chips to Start with in Poker?

Are you someone who is in search of learning more about poker?

If so, we have your back with the best-in-class poker starting chips.

You could feel overwhelmed by all the details, focusing on the different poker chips. But we have the best poker chips suitable for a starter or beginner in the world of poker. So, let's have a look at it.

Five Card-Draw is one of the simplest poker games for beginners. It is easy to grasp and learn for beginners. You can learn about different poker games and level up by engaging in a poker chip forum.

When it comes to poker chips, especially while playing from home, you can opt for cash game poker chips. Here, it's best to opt for a Texas Hold'em poker set. You can also try custom poker chips or personalized poker chips if you wish to take the game to the next level. When it comes to the material of poker chips, it is best to clay composite poker chips. You can find them at Poker Merchant cost-effectively.

So, whether you are a poker enthusiast or a newbie in poker, Poker Merchant is there for you. You can discover the ultimate poker chips, suitable for a wide variety of poker games, at an affordable price from Poker Merchant. You can also get hands-on premium quality products with express delivery from Poker Merchant.

Why hesitate?

It's time to ace up your poker game and explore the different poker chips offered by Poker Merchant.

Why not start the actual game by buying yourself the best-in-class poker chips, from classic poker chips to personalized poker chips, from our very-own poker store- Poker Merchant?

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