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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products
Poker Case Aluminium Classic 300Poker Case Aluminium Classic 300
Poker Case Aluminium Classic 500Poker Case Aluminium Classic 500
Poker Case Aluminium Classic 750Poker Case Aluminium Classic 750
Poker Case Aluminium Classic 1000Poker Case Aluminium Classic 1000
Save $5.45
Poker Case Aluminium Black 300Poker Case Aluminium Black 300
Poker Merchant Poker Case Aluminium Black 300
Sale price$32.69 Regular price$38.14
Poker Case Aluminium Black 500Poker Case Aluminium Black 500
Poker Case Aluminium Black 750Poker Case Aluminium Black 750
Poker Case Aluminium Black 1000Poker Case Aluminium Black 1000
Poker Case Aluminium Gold 300Poker Case Aluminium Gold 300
Poker Case Aluminium Gold 500Poker Case Aluminium Gold 500
Poker Case Lazar Zipper 500Poker Case Lazar Zipper 500
Save $16.37
Poker Case Aluminium Classic 1000 TrolleyPoker Case Aluminium Classic 1000 Trolley
Poker Merchant Poker Case Aluminium Classic 1000 Trolley
Sale price$70.89 Regular price$87.26
Poker Chip Carrier Tray Case 600Poker Chip Carrier Tray Case 600
Poker Chip Carrier Tray Case 1000Poker Chip Carrier Tray Case 1000

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Poker Case

Buy a poker case at Poker Merchant. Do you want to take your poker home-games to the next level? Then a poker case from Poker Merchant is all you need. We offer different variants of different sizes, colours and material.

The poker case varies in size between space for 300 poker chips, 500 poker chips, 750 poker chips and 1000 poker chips. You can also choose between a plastic poker case, an aluminium poker case and an acrylic poker case. Furthermore you can choose a silver poker case, black poker case or golden poker case.

Many experienced and beginning poker players know that the chance of getting a Royal Flush is very small. Should this brilliant hand appear on the table during a home game, it is of course a better feeling when you have it in a luxury poker case from Poker Merchant.

The Poker Case - "A Must-Have" Accessory For Poker Players

When it comes to playing poker at the highest level, you should have a poker case that meets your needs. Of course, when you participate in poker, you need to have first-class accessories for your case. The poker case is a must-have to store all your poker chips, dice, and accessories. Who said playing poker can't be stylish and premium? At Poker Merchant, we offer different types of poker cases.

We are going to explain to you why it is important to have a poker case that suits your needs.

You need a quality poker case to store your accessories. We offer poker cases for all types of players, including beginners, advanced players and professionals. Our poker cases come in different colors, materials and sizes. Some cases can hold 300 poker chips, others go up to 500 poker chips, and the biggest ones are - 750 and 1000 poker chips. When it comes to prices and materials, you can choose between a plastic poker case, aluminium poker case, or acrylic poker case. Some of our most beautiful and most chosen poker cases:

- poker case aluminium classic 300

- poker case aluminium black 300

- poker case aluminium gold 300

- Poker chip holder (yes, we offer incredibly stable models) for 600 and 1000 chips

- Larger poker case aluminium models

Our team offers the best quality poker cases for beginners and professionals alike, so you don't have to worry about where to store your chips. Poker Merchant offers a wide selection for you to choose from based on your needs and whether you are playing at home with friends or anywhere else.

Why Choose A Poker Case At Poker Merchant

Our team manages to offer only high quality poker cases. We understand the skill of the game of poker and we want our customers to receive the ultimate quality when playing their favourite game.

It gives extreme self-confidence and you can be sure that you can express your true potential. We expect our customers to be satisfied with the quality, the way the cases are made, the light but durable materials, and to use them every day. When these goals are achieved, we can truly say that our work has been done correctly and that we have won the poker game with our customers.

Find your perfect and suitable poker case at and take the game into your own hands. Make your dreams come true and play like a poker superstar with high quality accessories.

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