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The Dealer Button

Regardless of whether you are a real poker fan or a novice player, the dealer button is something you can't afford to miss. You've probably heard the term dealer or dealer button mentioned at the table. Are you curious what these terms really mean?

What is a Dealer Button?

A dealer button is often a black, yellow or white button with the text Dealer on it. The dealer button is used in all types of poker. The dealer, also called buck, indicates that it is your turn to deal the cards in the game. In many casinos there is a fixed dealer present who distributes the cards . The dealer button is made of materials such as acrylic, plastic, Ceramics and aluminium. Being the dealer brings many advantages. One advantage is that as the dealer you are the last one who can make a raise of the pot. This is a big advantage. Being a dealer can also be very hectic. The dealer must ensure that the table remains orderly, distribute the cards , maintain calm and keep track of the bets.

The Dealer's task?

The dealer is responsible for shuffling and distributing the cards at the table. The dealer also ensures that there is no deadlock, keeps an eye on the size of the pot, who is next in line and rewards the winner of the pot.

Managing the pot

Once the game starts, the dealer is in charge of managing the pot. The dealer will inform the players during play when the blinds change and during pot increases. The dealer can redeem chips and deal out chips as soon as they are re-bought.

Adherence to the rules

The dealer ensures that all rules of the game are followed. If the rules of poker are broken, measures must be taken. The dealer decides what measures to take and assesses the situation. Dealers are also human beings who can make mistakes. Occasionally they too may break the rules. If this happens, you can call the dealer to account.

Managing the Poker Chips

The dealer has to manage the poker chips in the pot. They keep track of how many poker chips are in the pot, how many poker chips a player has left, or how many they owe to another player. In some casinos, the dealer can give players extra poker chips if needed.

How does the Dealer Button Move in the game?

The dealer button moves clockwise in the game after each round is completed. This may be deviated from as soon as a player leaves the game, enters the game or changes seats. Accordingly, the dealer button may skip people, stay with one person for two rounds. The dealer keeps an eye on the game and makes sure it is conducted in the right direction.

The advantages of being a dealer

Being the dealer is the biggest advantage of all in the game. The dealer is the last one who can make a move after the flop. This allows the dealer to analyse what each player is doing before you make your move.

Bluffing possibilities being a dealar

If you are the dealer, you have better bluffing opportunities. The dealer can bluff either earlier or later depending on how careful the other players are.

Benefits of betting

The fact that other players place their wagers before the dealer makes it easier for the dealer to bluff. The dealer has the opportunity to observe the other players and adjust his bet accordingly. This is a great advantage when playing poker.

Influencing the final round

Once you have a strong hand, you can strongly influence the pot. The final raise affects the whole pot size.

Dealer sharing

During the distribution of the cards the dealer starts to deal the card on the left. Each player is dealt 2 cards . During the flop, turn and river, one card is burned each time. This is done so that if there is bad shooting the cards is still mixed up.

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