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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
Chip Tray Rack 100 pcsChip Tray Rack 100 pcs
Chip Tray Rack 100 pcs CoverChip Tray Rack 100 pcs Cover
Chip Tray Rack 100 pcs Cover 40 & 43 mmChip Tray Rack 100 pcs Cover 40 & 43 mm
Chip Tray Rack 200 pcs CoverChip Tray Rack 200 pcs Cover
Chip Tray Lock 500 pcs Cover

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Poker Chip Tray

If you have a set of poker chips lying around and want something to keep them organized, a poker chip tray is your answer. Every poker game has its unique charm, and no one wants to ruin such a friendly vibe with simple mistakes like poker chip trays. Not that the absence of one ruins the game or changes the cards, but the presence of a Poker Chip Tray enhances the vibe of poker.

What is a Poker Chip Tray?

You may have seen or handled a chip tray in a poker table. But, unknowingly, there are many instances when one comes across a poker chip tray and lets it pass by. Pokerchip Tray is a standard poker chip holder that casinos and card rooms use. This tray helps poker players to organise their poker chips and makes counting and distribution easier. The poker chip tray makes work easier and prevents the poker chips from getting messy and lying around disorderly.

How many chips fit in a Poker Chip Tray

The number of chips in a Poker Chip Tray depends on the type and size of the Poker Chip Tray you have. Usually the Poker Chip Tray holds up to 100 poker chips, and it can go up to 1000 poker chips in a single tray.

If you want a simple Poker Chip Tray that can hold a small number of poker chips, then the Poker Chip Tray that has five rows is better. Each row can hold 20 to 25 poker chips each, hence the 100 poker chips in a tray.

But there are Poker Chip Trays that have two columns with five rows each, and each row can hold 25 to 30 poker chips. This fact surprisingly changes the number, and the number of poker chips a tray can hold changes.

The number of poker chips that a tray can hold depends on the size of the tray that you own. So plan ahead, choose the tray that will last longer, and keep the exact number of poker chips you own.

Types of Chip Trays

It's always better to have options, even if it means clear chaos and confusion when choosing the right one. And, the Poker Chip Tray also gives you a highway to select between various options and styles.

Plastic Chip Trays

If you are new to the game and want to collect all the essentials for poker, choose a Poker Chip Tray made of plastic. Plastic Poker Chip Trays are cheaper and great for beginners. But if you don't want something that can discolor and is easily breakable, say no to a plastic Poker Chip Tray.

Acrylic Chip Trays

If you are a die-hard poker fan, it is better to show off the chips you have. Showing everything off in a transparent way gives the game a new kick. And, of course, the thrill and excitement take poker to another level. A transparent acrylic Poker Chip Tray can hold up to 100 to 1000 poker chips and gives you a clear view of your chips. They are not easily broken and will last longer than your standard plastic tray. The number of poker chips they hold will depend on the size of tray you choose.

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